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Vintage-Air at Arnold's Autos

We are the sole UK authorised supplier and installer of ‘Vintage Air’ products.

Arnold’s Automotive Services Ltd can supply air conditioning systems for self-installation or can install them in our workshop. Universal systems are available which can be adapted to most vehicle applications, with specific ‘SureFit’ systems tailor made for classic American vehicles.

Because no other performance air conditioning company actually manufactures their systems, ‘Vintage Air’ undertake all of their own in-house engineering and prototyping, manufacturing and on road testing to ensure the quality and reliability of the products.

Based in San Antonio, Texas ‘Vintage Air’ started as a small business helping friends with cooling their cars and hot rods. They started small like many other well-known names in the industry and have worked hard to become the market leader providing climate control systems and components worldwide including supplying equipment to supercar manufacturers.

Arnold's autos 67-72-Chevy-Pick-Up-Gen-IV-Kit-rgbVintage Air products are quality products manufactured in house not repackaged components or copies, and skilfully engineered and tested.

The hands-on manufacturing team remain stable and enthusiastic to help keep ‘Vintage Air’ market leaders led by a professional and knowledgeable management team and accountants.

Vintage Air is owned and operated by experienced street rodders who have been involved in the sport for over forty years. They offer you the most comprehensive line of high performance air conditioning components available in the market. Every ‘Vintage Air’ product incorporates the very latest technology available and offers you the greatest efficiency and reliability available.

“We want to build what you really need to do the job right” and as such all parts for universal systems are carefully selected to the specific make model and specification of your vehicle. There is a Vintage Air system for almost every application.

Vintage Air’s OEM development division, partnered with Ford Motor Company to design and supply the climate control systems for the exciting Ford GT which incorporates the same proven GEN-1V technology and performance available to hot rod and classic car owners.

Continual testing and developing better products is what keeps ‘Vintage Air’ at the leading edge of climate control technology. Research and development takes place in the extreme-environment dyno-room providing the opportunity to give the systems a thorough workout. In this chamber vehicles are run through 120+ degree weather conditions and down to -50 degrees to test the capacity and endurance of all of the components.

Arnold's Autos Front-Runner-SystemMost of the product design and engineering is done on computer using the latest Pro engineering CAD modelling software which allows ‘virtual’ testing of thousands of ideas and performance criteria to be undertaken before building a prototype. All products are fully performance tested before they go on sale.

Project cars have been built such as the Project 200 Studebaker to prove the systems reliability in extreme applications. This car and its achievements, both at Bonneville and driving from L.A. to Detroit in full race tune were all about improving air conditioning systems for your vehicles and revealed many advancement opportunities for Vintage Air products.

Vintage Air is proud to be associated with over 700 authorised distributors worldwide. Arnold’s Automotive Services Ltd have chosen to become part of ‘Vintage Airs’ authorised dealers and installer programme which is a testament to the performance and quality and proven performance of their products.

The experience of the dealers is paramount. Vintage Air hosts an intensive dealer training programme each year at their San Antonio manufacturing facility to ensure that people in the dealer network understand the operation, performance characteristics and most importantly the installation procedures on all of the systems.

Vintage-Air-Panel from Arnold's autosTraining sessions include over ten hours of classroom instruction on topics ranging from basic air condition theory to product familiarisation and future technology developments being incorporated into the new systems.

We support efforts to safeguard our environment and thousands of R-134a environmentally safe units have been sold which have proven to be efficient and reliable.

Properly engineered climate control systems are not simple but as a factory trained dealer Arnold’s Automotive Services Ltd can help and advise on equipment for your specific application and help make your installation as trouble free as possible.

If you need a full climate control system, replacement parts and accessories or just a brochure please do not hesitate to call Arnold’s Automotive Services Ltd with your requirements.


Vintage Air from Arnold's Autos