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Arnold’s Automotive Services Ltd are proud to announce that we are a UK approved dealer for the full product range of ‘Classic Instruments’.

Products include gauges, sender units, cables and accessories and the new ‘SkyDrive’ satellite speedometer electric control unit.

If you have a specific requirement, colour or finish for your vehicle instrumentation, Arnold’s Automotive Services Ltd will work with you to ensure that you receive your vehicle instrumentation built to your exact needs.

Classic Instruments has been a part of the performance automotive aftermarket for over 30 years with a simple goal of perfection and doing its best to give everything you expect and more.

Classic Instruments was founded and continues with one simple goal; to be the very best in the world. They work hard every day to remain the top choice of knowledgeable automotive professionals and performance enthusiasts since 1977.

The best of today’s customs and classic cars and trucks are truly hand-made or restored works of art. They are painstakingly and individually crafted to exacting standards, the same words that can be used to describe any of Classic Instruments products.

Every gauge is assembled from hand selected components at the personal work bench of a skilled craftsman. The gauge is inspected at each stage of the assembly and re-inspected for visual integrity and passed to an electrical technician for a complete bench calibration and accuracy test. Even when it moves to the shipping department it has to pass another visual inspection before it is carefully packaged and sealed for shipping.


Classic Instruments was the first to produce modern engineered instruments with a vintage style face design and the idea of 5 and 6 gauge pre-packed gauge sets. Another first is the electronic programmable speedometer which was the first offered to the performance market. Classic instrument’s pioneered the Dual and Quad gauge now imitated but not equalled.

Exclusive customization options are available on all gauges which has opened the doors for amazing individual creativity for the customer and the Retrofit engineering department has made modern electronic instrumentation available for even the most exotic dashboards. Classic Instruments remain in the forefront of creative product design.

The reason you build a custom built vehicle is to have it your way. No other instrument company can offer you the range of choices in a ‘standard’ line of gauges.

Arnold’s Automotive Services Ltd can help you select from sixteen separate face designs, flat or curved glass options, three different pointer designs in numerous colours and six different bezel options, providing practically an unlimited choices of combinations.

Why settle for plain mass produced finishes when you can have your gauges made your way ?

All this adds up to Quality, Innovation and Selection helping you with the ‘Finishing Touch’.

Why not talk to Arnold’s Automotive Services Ltd today, we will always have a friendly voice to greet you and provide you with knowledgeable advice to help you choose your instrument specification.

For help with instrumentation specification or to request a brochure ring Arnold’s Automotive Services Ltd.

Classic Instruments from Arnold's Autos